Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy 1 Month, Maci!

I planned on posting pictures of Maci and sending out our blog earlier, but I just never got around to doing it. I have told myself that I will do better and keep everyone updated so here goes my attempt with blogging. Our little one arrived on May 21st and each day has been a new adventure. She is a sweet baby and really only cries when I've waited too long to feed her.  She's also a good sleeper with a three hour routine of sleeping and then eating and going back to sleep. We've even made it through a few five hour nights before she wakes up. At two weeks she was 9.9lbs and I can tell that she just keeps getting bigger. We're not really sure who she looks like right now, but I can see a bit of red in her hair!
Here are a few pictures to recap her first month:
Happy Father's Day!
We went to take pictures at the Gardens on campus to give Josh for Father's Day
She makes some of the funniest faces for us
She likes to stretch out at night in her crib

1 week old enjoying her boppy pillow
She stayed comfortable at the hospital

She couldn't keep her tongue in her mouth