Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 months and counting

Well, our little baby is getting bigger each day. She's five months old and will be six at this end of this moth so I thought I would give a little recap of how she's been. She's figured out how to roll over and doesn't really cry anymore when she's on her tummy. It just seems to be a natural thing for her if only she could figure out how to get around and crawl. She'll turn in a circle to find something, but that's about it. She wakes up in the mornings now making different noises. She hasn't been doing it long enough for me to really figure out what it means, but it's funny. It's like she trying to tell me how her night was and what she wants to do today. (it would probably sound like babbling to anyone but me) She loves watching what everyone is doing and seems fascinated by her cousins most times. She's on the edge of being able to sit up. If I put her on the floor sitting up she'll stay for awhile until she gets so excited she falls over. She drools ALL the time, but still no teeth. Her hair is growing funny with just a little patch on top and is slowly coming in on the sides, it seems to have a little bit of curl to it, we'll just have to be patient and wait. All in all she's a happy healthy baby that keeps us busy! Enjoy the pictures!
Happy 5 months Maci!

Josh is sure she gets all of her funny faces from me!

I know the drool is gross

another weird face and crazy hair
big girl!