Friday, May 15, 2009

she's how old?

Yesterday I was at the store buying supplies for Maci's 1st birthday party and when I got home I somehow stumbled across this picture of her. I almost cried I think? I can't believe a year has just about come and gone. She has been so much fun to have in our family. The picture above depicts the only time the girl is calm. She has become pretty curious about everything and loves to get into whatever she can find. She's ready to walk, but unfortunately she has her mother's coordination so it might take a little bit longer. Those crazy legs just won't do what she wants them to. She loves saying hi to everyone at the store and people in pictures. She'll keep saying hi usually until she can get the person of choice's attention. She's pretty relentless. She moos, quacks, barks, and meows when she sees the animals and will sometimes do it on command. Her new favorite thing is to go to the park and play on the big playset and just stand there and watch the other kids have fun. She yells at them a bit too. I've tried to teach her some sign language, but the only ones she finds important are food/eat and more. She told me for the first time tonight (using signs) that she was finished. She knows how to make a mom proud. She has two teeth on the bottom now with two coming through on top. I'll be glad when all of those things finally come in! Well, this month has flown by. As soon as I get pictures from my family I'll post all about our *glorious (*hint of sarcasm) road trip back to TN!