Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ode to Addi

Dear Addi,

Thank you for the super tasty strawberry valentine cake. I loved it! My mom didn't let me have the whole thing(I think she wants the rest for herself)but the part that I did have was amazingly good. You seem to know exactly what I like, with pink cake who could go wrong? 
I hope you feel better soon so we can play. Thanks again!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Everyday is a Maci day

I'm still trying to get back into the swing of regular postings, but sometimes I feel like there isn't a whole lot that goes on here besides the little things from day to day. Maci has become mobile. It's very scary to see a little body pop around the corner when you're not expecting it or to feel something trying to pull itself up on your leg when your trying to do blow dry your hair. It's lots of fun. I just can't believe my baby is 8 months old! 8 months! Ahh. I'm sure I'll feel this way each month as she gets older. It's been a lot of fun watching her learn new things everyday. She talks a little here and there, the only word we can understand is "hiiii" when she gets excited to see someone with the crazy hand waving that follows. We ventured to the aquarium last week so she could wave at some fish. We got a year pass so it'll be fun to go back again sometime. We try to make it to the weekly cuddletime at the library. It's a 30 min. story/activity/song time for babies 0-2 yrs. Maci isn't so interested in the whole sit in mom's lap and sing fun songs as she is in watching all the other babies and toddlers have fun sitting in their mom's laps singing fun songs. I dream of one day having a baby that'll be cuddly...this girl isn't into all of that she doesn't have time to be held, she's only got time to be on the go. Switching gears, Josh just got moved up to a supervisor position at UPS. It's still just part-time, but he doesn't come home any more smelling like cardboard! Yay for me! He never noticed it, but it was faintly there. He is in charge of training new hires at the time being, but may get switched around. He seems to enjoy it for now. Well, I'm sure that's about all the excitement we've had recently. I'll just leave the pictures to tell the rest.

rough nap

bath time baby

daddy and drums

she crawled into the castle and found Ken ready for his swim party
on the move
she loves to eat

Monday, January 5, 2009

We're still alive

It's been FOREVER, I know! Now that Christmas is over, we've moved, and a new year has begun I decided to post a little update about our family. Maci is now 7 months old and she's still learning new things everyday. She loves to wave hello to everyone and likes eating all kinds of new foods. She gets a little frustrated with me because I can't seem to shovel it in as fast as she'd like. Just this morning Maci discovered that she could crawl across the living room and get into the magazines. I'm not so sure I'm ready for her to be come a little adventurer and get into everything. I guess it's inevitable. This past month we had a lot of fun enjoying the holidays and spending time with family. Maci and I surprised my family and went to Tennessee to see them for a while. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the warmer weather. After the snow today I decided that I'm ready for Spring. I know I've got a lot more snow to go, but warmer weather would just be so much nicer, at least it'll be something to look forward to. Well, I guess I'll just end now and post a few pictures of Maci and what she has been up to lately. I hope to be a little more regular with my posting now that our computer is working again. Hope everyone is having a wonderful new year!