Monday, July 20, 2009

Warning: this post has too many pictures!

When our computer started sparking and almost caught fire about a month ago I felt bad that I had to neglect my blog for awhile and have the same post up for a month. So here are some pictures of what we've been up to this summer. We've been having lots of fun!

Our trip to the Dinosaur Museum
We love hanging out with cousins!

cute little dinos!

The 4th of July!
We had fun at the bouncy house and watching the kids play before the Sandy parade. Josh and I went to the Stadium of Fire that night and had a blast! I was deaf when we left due to the Jonas Brothers performing. Josh is a new fan! I did have pictures, but they were on my phone and then they were deleted :( It was the BEST fireworks show I've seen so far and I loved the SHEDaisy performance!
Maci's other mom

You had to be there to think this picture is funny. Mac had a little accident after Spence helped him slide (roll, bounce, fall on his face) down. It was scorching hot and the two little boys at top refused to go down. This one wasn't the best pic. but I have uploading issues.

Maci+bounce house=LOVE!

Playing outside is one of her favorite things. She keeps an ear out for when the back door opens so that she can make sure she gets to go out too. 

New dresses

Maci and cousin Addi took swim lessons together. She wasn't sure what to think about all the water, but we had fun taking her and seeing her reactions to having to blow bubbles, kick her feet, go under water, and try to float on her back. Addi was like a little fish. Maci...not so much!


Steph and Troy said...

Maci is so grown up. And adorable!!!