Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's been so long since I last posted that I'm sure I'll miss a ton of things, but I thought I would just try to recap a few of the happenings. We had Maci's blessing back in June and Josh's parents were able to come along with his sister Kelli and my parents were able to come also and my sister Kelley joined them. My family stayed for a week and we had a great time having them visit. We just recently came back from our trip to Tennessee. Josh was able to stay a week and Maci and I stayed a two weeks. Nathan and Hanna were sealed in the Memphis temple on July 26th and it was a lot of fun to see all of our family that was able to make it. We then went to Chattanooga and stayed with my parents. Kelley was such a big help with Maci the whole time that I'm not sure what to do on my own now :) Lauren, you're still her bff and thanks to Greg's encouragement she's pooped in her diaper almost everyday since we've left. She sure misses everyone holding her. This past weekend Josh came down and picked me up in Utah and we were able to see his parents and his sister Kelli's family along with the newest addition cute little Addi. So now we're back home here in Idaho waiting for that amazing job to surface somewhere and I still hope that we're here long enough to be able to hang out with Lauren and help her adjust to BYU-I (it's not like she'll even need our help) It'll be fun to have her closer. So now I'll just shower you with as many pictures that I can find that show off our fun summer!
Maci was rolling onto her side this morning while she was laying on her back
Our happy little baby!
Grandad and Maci
Josh's b-day cake on Monday
Happy Birthday!!
She has become very interested in her bouncer, it keeps her entertained for quite a while! Thanks Kelli!
On top of an observation deck looking out to downtown Chattanooga
Maci at the bowling alley
They're happy because they were so much better than all of us at bowling
We all had a good time bowling!
Hanna's Birthday cake made by yours truly...chocolate & peanut butter & more chocolate, oh so yummy!
Happy b-day Hanna!
Ruby falls, an indoor waterfall inside of this huge cavern on Lookout Mountain
A picture from behind the falls
Josh and I-it was a little too dark to see us
Hanna and Nathan
Aunt Kelley and Maci
Lauren and Greg at St. John's Restaurant


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

FUN! Maci is getting so big! What a cutie you have! Happy Birthday to Josh! Call us before you guys go moving anywhere=)

The Clawsons said...

so fun to see you guys! i'm NOT kidding about you guys needing to make a trip back out to just hang out and do some shopping...instead of just having layovers! good thing i'll see you in a couple of weeks when you come out to make MY b-day cake!