Friday, February 13, 2009

Get ready tooth fairy

her new pants are a little big, just added growing room

I can't believe I didn't even realize what was going on last night when Maci woke up throughout the night crying. She was wrapped up with her face in her blanket and wasn't waiting on me to come in and get her, (usually she's standing up trying to break the crib down) she was just laying there helplessly. For some reason I was too tired to coherently come up with the proper diagnosis of what was wrong with my baby. I just thought "oh, maybe she's going through a growth spurt?" because she has been sleeping through the night really good for quite some time now and I haven't had any problems with her wanting to wake up and eat every three hours. I would just go in and hold her for a few minutes and eventually she would calm down so I put her back down to sleep. It wasn't until I went to give her a snack today that I found the root cause of her strange sleeping was her FIRST TOOTH! I was giving her a piece of cereal bar and to myself I said out loud "eating would be easier if you had some teeth" and then that's when she bit down on my finger to let me know she does in fact have a tooth. It isn't in all the way, it has just cut through so it'll be awhile until most people can actually see it. I called Josh when I found it and he asked if I took a picture. Do you think she's going to let me hold her mouth open and take a picture, NO! So instead I have a couple of her in her new princess jammies she wore last night. Maybe I can get a picture of the tooth some other time, just don't get your hopes up. This girl has a mind of her own, she really only likes to do what she wants to do.


The Clawsons said...

addi has those pj's, too!they'll totally have to have a pj party. i'll have addi call maci and work it out!