Friday, February 20, 2009

I made it!

I have this unique disease where I have a tendency to get really excited about starting a new project of some sort so I go all out and start on it then I get close to being finished and I never complete it. It just sits in a closet somewhere. I don't know what it is? I think it might be because I usually get frustrated and then just burnt out. When I finished this little dress for Maci in two days I was really excited! I actually finished a project that I started (and it wasn't a year later). The only problem now is that I made it in the hopes that Maci would be able to wear it, but now it seems to have turned out a little too big. I might just have to find some more fabric that I have just lying around (I'm an compulsive fabric buyer also) and make up another one so she can wear it sooner. This was one of the easiest patterns I've worked with. Yay! I finally followed through with something!


kristi lee said...

Adorable! Makes me wish I had a girl...but not bad enough to get pregnant again!

The Critchlow Family said...

Love love love it! So cute!! You definately have talent over there! Great to see you guys are doing so well. Your little girl is a doll baby!