Wednesday, March 18, 2009

our fun outing

Last week my long, lost friend Mandy invited Maci and I to go to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. It was a lot of fun seeing her again and meeting her little girl Millie who is just a month younger than Maci. She and I were roommates our first semester at BYU-I and it was probably one of the best because I had the best roommates anyone could ever have. We hadn't seen each other in about 4 years, but it seemed like we hadn't seen each other in only months. That is one reason I love blogging. I feel like I have a little insight in to everyone's life that I might not otherwise know about because I'm really bad at staying in touch if it were left up to just phone calls. So thanks again Mandy! You provided me with a little bit of sanity I needed. My mom always jokes with me and tells me that play groups and other forms of socializing is really just for the moms. Yeah the kids may have fun too, but we seem to need that one on one time with other adults. I realized I need to get out more often and since the weather has been sooo nice this week it gives me hope that I will get myself out of the basement a little more often now that the weather is getting better. Oh and Kelli if you read this, whenever and wherever you feel like going Maci and I are game! 

 the girls playing in the kitchen area at the museum


Jaron and Mandy said...

thats too funny it looks like they are really having a tea party. we should do lots of tea partys together. it was so fun seeing you two, it seemed way to short though need to party again soon

The Clawsons said...

um, i told ya already that mi casa is always open to hang out, anyway. i think the little dude is on the mend, so maybe friday?