Tuesday, March 24, 2009

current cravings

Any of these Moda collections would make me so happy. I have been craving these few all day and can't stop thinking about what I would do with them. I'm not sure if I've ever told anyone that I love fabric! All types, textures, and colors. I can't go into fabric stores very often because I make myself sad knowing that I shouldn't buy anything. I probably shouldn't go shopping for fabric anytime soon...I might just have to buy lots and lots of fabric. My stockpile has recently dwindled with the move and trying to get rid of things I wouldn't use. Now that my sewing efforts are no longer focused on projects for my classes at school I need to replenish my stock for things that I want to do. My stock before wasn't that great anyways, there weren't a lot of places to find what I wanted in Rexburg. Now that I have been seeing little shops everywhere I keep stumbling across projects I want to try. One is to reupholster a few things. I told Josh this one day and then he got excited and said "yeah, then you could sell them and make a little extra money". Sell them? No, I just wanted to keep it all for myself! Well, I guess I'm through indulging myself with fabric for the day. I will make my imaginary purchases and dream about my projects tonight. My dream sewing room is almost complete now that I have found some new fabric to stock it with. If I could only find everything that I would like for a cheap price I would be even happier. 

P.S. Kelli, I can't wait to go to Broadbent's! Your mom said if we need to go earlier in the day due to little people schedules she would trust us with our choices :)