Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome to the Family!

This is just a little announcement to welcome the newest member to our family, our Bosch Universal Mixer Plus! I also found a grain mill attachment to make my own flour for my bread. I was so excited for our newest appliance addition that I had to break it in as soon as I got it home. I made my first batch of bread tonight with it and am waiting to taste it. The whole house smells so nice, I sure hope it turned out okay. I purchased some soft white wheat and hard white wheat today so that I could use the grain mill and it worked beautifully! If only the bread could make itself...


Jaron and Mandy said...

You are absolutley amazing!!! i wish my bread looked like that. i still remember the first time i made bread at BYUI i was soo excitted how it turned out, but since then my bread doesn't come out looking as good as it once did. i am so envious of your beautiful bread, and boy i bet it was yummy! congrats on the new addition!

Jessie said...

I went with the Kitchen Aid and wish I would have gotten a Bosch

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